Course description

Achieving an unconventional vision takes extraordinary courage, resilience and persistence: Do you ever doubt whether you have what it takes? 

If so, the "5 Minutes to A Mental Six-Pack" program can help, with mental exercises to train your thinking so you feel (and act) more calm, confident and in control.

Even as a super performer, changing how you think can be a struggle. (I've seen it in working with 1,000+ clients/students, including Navy SEAL candidates, serial entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 professionals and world-class athletes.)

There are three fundamental reasons why:

  • We're biologically wired to stay in our comfort zone and resist change - our brain perceives it as a survival threat.

  • We become addicted to our emotions, just like we can with sugar, caffeine or any chemical substance ...

  • We're on autopilot, with 95%+ of our thoughts, feelings and actions run by our subconscious programming.

What if changing our thinking could be easier?

We would need a different approach: one that integrates with what we’re already doing and doesn't give us more to do.

That’s why I’ve created a "micro-training" program: short (three to five minute) mental exercises that you can activate immediately in your daily routine and interactions with people.

Each exercise synthesizes concepts from neuroscience, quantum thinking and behavioral psychology into powerful tools and techniques: the exact same ones my top-performer clients have used to tap into their inner strength. 

Going through the training, you’ll start to notice:

  • You feel in control, less reactive when things don't go as planned...

  • You're able to stay calm when everyone else is losing it...

  • You’re more patient, with others and yourself, less likely to blow things out of proportion...

  • You feel grounded and focused, less distracted and overwhelmed...

  • You’re able to stay in the moment, without your mind constantly racing...

  • You feel inspired to take action, less likely to procrastinate because you're worried about getting it wrong...

  • You recover more quickly from a setback or disappointment...

  • You feel more connected, less isolated and alone...

What you get:

  • Lifetime access to 60+ mental training exercises: Short (three to five minute ) daily audios focused on a specific mental training exercise.

  • Transcripts of daily audio lessons for quick reference.

  • Powerful checklists + templates (e.g. decision-making, prioritization, networking).

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group with weekly "Ask Me Anything."

  • Monthly LIVE master class with Q&As and laser coaching.

Renita Kalhorn
Renita Kalhorn
Performance Coach

A martial arts black belt and Juilliard-trained concert pianist with an MBA from INSEAD, Renita Kalhorn is passionate about human performance and growth. She's worked with 1,000+ clients/students, ranging from Navy SEAL candidates and other military Special Ops to Fortune 500 corporate professionals (Goldman Sachs, Accenture, Bloomberg) and entrepreneur/start-up communities (YPO, General Assembly, WeWork, NUMA, The Family).

Course Curriculum

DAY 1: Get out of survival mode -- we're not in the Stone Age anymore.
Day 2: Understand the FASTT triggers — master your psychology.
Day 3: Thinking fast, thinking slow — what's your FASTT trigger?
DAY 4: What's your signature survival emotion?
Day 5: Try a different "f" word — how forgiveness can help you go faster.
DAY 6: Interrupt your autopilot.
Day 7: Debrief!
Day 8. The 90-second rule: suffering is optional.
Day 9. It's too soon to tell: Have preferences not addictions.
Day 10: Strike a (high power) pose.
Day 11: What's the pay-off?
Day 12: Trim the mental fat.
Day 13. You're the boss: How to talk to your ego.
Day 14. Debrief: Wipe the slate clean.
Day 15: See time as a tool (not as a threat).
Day 16. Think big, start small: Setting micro-goals.
Day 17: The power of segmenting: How to get through your own "Hell Week."
Day 18. Open your focus: Why lions don't need Xanax.
Day 19: The secret to self control: negotiate with your ego.
Day 20. A different way to play the comparison game.